Robert G. Zinkhan, Architect AIA


Robert G. Zinkhan, Architect AIA, believes in keeping the art in architecture. Being of the "organic" school, he believes in the inseparable identity of a building and its setting—relying on the site as the essential form-giver.

Robert graduated from the Arizona State University College of Architecture. His work has received many awards and has appeared in numerous publications. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects and has maintained his practice in Sonoma County California since 1973.

His extensive residential work expresses a highly personal and original interpretation of budget, lifestyle, and spirit of place. He creates well-composed, contemporary buildings that are in harmony with their specific surroundings. He strives for designs which command attention without shouting for it.

Robert's clients have one common characteristic: they are enthusiastic about architecture as a form of artistic expression. He stresses that good design and economy are not in conflict. The client's budget is a basic part of the design criteria.

"I hope to go beyond expected results in every project and to create buildings gratifying to all the senses, even common sense."

Robert's architectural services span from the design of new buildings to the remodeling of existing structures and interior spaces. He especially enjoys his total service approach, which includes landscape and lighting design, interiors, furniture and quality control through the completion of construction.

The Goal — The House as Art.